About Minneapolis Swing Clubs

Minneapolis Swing Clubs and what we’re about: was formed by Digital Net Productions to bring you everything you need tominnswingclub start swinging in your city! We have combined all of our knowledge, from what local swing clubs you can find here to what you do when you’re invited to a swinger’s party. We have worked hard and carefully to give you exactly what you’re looking for!

Do you want to know what a threesome¬†really requires? Check out our Threesomes page! How about where to start if you want to Wife Swap? We have those answers too! Get it in gear and check out of page before you start swinging around town. Learn the swinger’s etiquette and get in the know.

We have a list of local clubs you can check out also. Give us some love on our Contact page and let us know what you like and what you want. We’re here to please you. So after learning everything there is to learn about swinging in Minneapolis, come join us for a night out on the town with all of our swinger friends. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up bring a sexy couple home tonight!

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